About Us

FATAR FOOD is one of distributors and suppliers that operate in the island of Bali. Our business is helping supply the foodservice products both food and beverage. Most of our customers are restaurant, cafe, catering, hotel and bakery pastry that operate on the island of Bali.

Company History
Management FATAR FOOD comes in mid-year 2011, which is located in the city of Denpasar. We started this business with comodity products such as almonds, cashews and dates palm (kurma). With the passage of time and increasing customer demand, we have developed several variants of other products.

End of the year 2015, we make coorperation with our business partner to enlarge our service and grab the opportunity together in Bali. Our partners are PT. Citra Boga Utama (Q-Max Brand) ; Bali Satu Hati (Interior & Exterior Design) and PT.Pan Regist Rental.

Being one of the best suppliers on the island of Bali and can help fulfill the needs of customers well.
We hope, with this online store - www.fatarfood.com always trying to improve our work systems to improve customer satisfaction.

All of our products recognized as high quality foods. We supported by several principal / big distributors.

We serving foodservice products in wholesales price and retail (small packaging accepted). We are also ready to accept delivery of the goods outside the island of Bali.
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